Lincoln Academy – Lincoln Lisesi

Lincoln Academy - Lincoln Lisesi

Maine şehri, Massachussets

1801 yılında Main şehrinde ilköğretim olara kurulan Lincoln Lisesi, 1904 yılında lise eğitimi yapmaya başlamıştır. 100 seneden fazla geçmişi olan bu Amerikan Lisesi bir boarding okuldur. Midcoast bölgesinde 6 farklı kampüsü vardır. İlkokuldan liseye kadar eğitim vermektedir. Yabancı öğrenci sayısı okul mevcudunun sadece %6 sını oluşturmaktadır. Matematikten, edebiyata, spordan, sanata her alanda lise eğitimi vererek, öğrencilerin mesleklerini seçmelerine yardımcı olmakta ve o yönde eğitim vererek desteklemektedir.

As a reminder, here are some of the things, which make Lincoln Academy a unique destination for international students:

  • We have an extremely welcoming culture: a student ambassador program, which pairs American students with local students; a high proportion of day students participating in weekend activities; and day faculty and staff, who are excited about sharing their interests with the international students and are creating many wonderful weekend and afternoon activities for them.
  • Our location is an incredibly beautiful, safe town on the coast of Maine.  However, we are only one hour from the amenities of Portland and three hours from Boston.  We have rich natural, cultural (Heartwood Theater; the Lincoln Theater; Bowdoin, Bates and Colby Colleges), and scientific (Bigelow Laboratory, University of Maine’s Darling Marine Center, and OceansWide) resources.
  • The majority of our students come from the surrounding towns, and only 6% of our student population is international.  This means that students can have an authenticAmerican high school experience.
  • Our academic program is rigorous and innovative. We have an impressive college matriculation list AND hands-on learning opportunities, such as the Marine Sciences Program.  We’re a truly comprehensive school with courses, which range from one of our 14 AP classes to Boatbuilding, Robotics, and Ceramics.
  • We have exciting new facilities such as our residence halls, state of the art science laboratories, and an Applied Technology and Engineering Center, which will open in January 2015.
  • Our food is delicious! Our Executive Chef left a local award-winning restaurant to come to us and makes an effort to use locally sourced ingredients for the students’ meals.  He is incredibly friendly and works closely with the students to determine what kinds of food they want.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the agent agreement, the school, or need anything else.  I’m always happy to help.